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Updated websites lead to higher rankings

The biggest complaint we hear from people is that after their website was launched they just couldn’t get service. The support web-person either vanished from the face of earth or it would take 4 weeks to get a simple content change or picture posted. We feel your pain!


Connecticut Website Company has hundreds of satisfied web design customers, because we don’t mislead or nickel and dime our clients. We say what we mean and do what we say. As experts in the field we know that changes to your website are valuable to keeping you current and on the radar of search engines. We offer free simple updating each month or more comprehensive, yet inexpensive content management programs. Most times we provide same day turnaround for simple changes.


We educate and encourage our customers on the value of content change. A website shouldn’t remain static. A site that is updated frequently is always ranked better by the search engines. Search engines reward dynamic sites, because they want to give their users the best results by delivering the freshest content possible.

Enhancing your website with advanced features, apps and functions will vault you to the top of the rankings and to the top of the lists of your potential customers.


Don’t get fooled by other website companies that simply build you a giant digital brochure. We’ll help you make your website a dynamic tool to attract and retain customers. Enhance your website and its content every month. The search engines will love you. Your visitors will love you. And your bottom line will love you…

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